Why Become a Member??

Many reasons:

Four great newsletters (minimum) per year, including up to date cropping info from OMAFRA Field Crop Technologists in the Crop Talk news

Discounts to FarmSmart, Southwest Ag Conference, OMAFRA Summer Diagnostic Days, Canada’s Farm Equipment Show (Toronto)

Free Admission to Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Great Producer meetings and tours – plenty of opportunities to learn and network!

Discount on Savvy Farmer Subscriptions

Chances to participate in innovative field trial projects and receive current plot results – OSCIA and OMAFRA work closely together to bring about these plots.

Join now!

One comment

  1. As long as the MSCIA talks only on Corn, Beans and Wheat, there is little incentive to join. Those of us that actively cultivate forages e.g.alfalfa and nurse crops (MG or Oats or barley)are in the “croppind” business as well but aren’t recognized as such.Pastures aren’t even considered to be “in the mix”. (Probably because very little is known or wants to be known by the “experts”)


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