Seeking Producer Input on #Forage Variety Performance Testing #ontag

Using Survey Monkey the CFGA has developed an internet based survey aimed at those who purchase and utilize forage crops in their businesses (farm, processing, reclamation etc.). The CFGA views feedback from end users of forage seed as an essential component for the development of a Canadian forage variety testing strategy. Ongoing independent forage variety performance information is important in sustaining the growth of many primary agriculture businesses.
The CFGA is conducting this survey in response to proposed changes in the Seed Act by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The proposed changes would discontinue the current merit-testing process as a requirement for registration of forage species in Canada. The proposed changes by CFIA could come into effect in late 2013. If merit-testing for registration is no longer required, registration trials will not be conducted. If the registration testing system is not replaced with another Performance Testing system, there will be no independent, unbiased data to compare commercially available forage varieties.
Discussions on the development of a national Performance Testing system will take place over the next few months, with the objective of discussing the draft Terms and Conditions at the 2013 CFGA AGM and Conference in Olds, Alberta December 10 and 11, 2013.
Summarized data from this survey will assist the CFGA in leading the discussions on the key information that a testing program must generate in order to meet the needs of those who utilize forage crops in their production systems.
Producers and other end users are encouraged to go to the following site and complete the survey:
Through the use of “Survey Monkey” all survey feedback is anonymous.


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