Plenty to see and do at #OSCIA #OMAFRA demo site at #COFS14 – sneak previews here

Come down to the south end of 6th lane during the Outdoor Farm Show! On display for you; Biomass Crops, Corn Planter deflectors, Strip Tillage, Cover Crop mixes & residue plots, Gluten Free crops, edible bean varieties, precision manure application with a dribble bar, tips on adding organic matter to your soil, trees on farms, and our always popular soil pit – see what’s happening to the soil structure, how deep the roots go and more! See the slideshow below for a sneak preview 🙂

Also, catch up with your favourite OSCIA and OMAFRA staff who will be happy to answer your questions on cropping, OSCIA happenings, Growing Forward 2 programs and anything else you need to know!

OSCIA members can drop in between 8:30-10:30 am each day of the show for free breakfast courtesy of Sylvite AgriServices.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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