Cathy’s Comments 2018

Cathy’s Comments – June 2018

Hello everyone! Well, it seems like we went from winter to summer, and now it feels more like spring than it did last month! I must be solar-heated, because I always feel much better outside in the warm sun than anywhere else 🙂 Here in Drumbo, we were able to get the corn in the ground in mid-May, the wheat is looking good, and all the hay is the barn as of last weekend (yes, for the hayburners)

Check out all the great things your local soil & crop groups are planning for the summer, and more tour details will be available in the coming weeks and months ahead.

The provincial association is still busy “building the brand” and now have  new OSCIA clothing items available for members to purchase— just contact your local secretary for more details if you’re interested!

Next edition of the news will be sent mid-July with more details regarding summer events. Until then, good luck with spraying, haying and maybe a bit of R&R for all of you!


Cathy’s Comments – March 2018

With the Nith River snaking it’s way for miles and miles through our township, these signs were commonplace after the rains and snow melt of Feb 23-24. Rumour has it our roads crew completely ran out of “Road Closed” signs for a few days. Just one block west of us, this particular stretch of the 5th Concession washes out into the neighbor’s pasture every few years. According to one source, it took at least 20 loads of gravel to get the road back in place again. On the front cover, the Nith flooding swept huge chunks of ice into another neighbor’s field. I hope that’s all we see for the rest of this winter— Spring’s gotta be coming soon!!

Speaking of spring…check inside this edition to see what your local soil and crop groups have planned for field trials this year, and sign up as a cooperator! Be an engaged member of your local association, and help with research projects. We all know that replicated data is very important when assessing new or different approaches. “The more, the merrier” improves statistical significance!

Have a great spring planting season, we’ll be back again in mid-June with our next edition.

Until then, play safe!


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