Cathy’s comments Nov 2017

Cathy’s Comments

Here we are, Nov 6 as I’m starting to write this. Not many combines running after heavy rains yesterday, but I did see one rolling this afternoon. Corn harvest is trucking along slowly, but I am surprised by the number of soybean fields still standing nearby. We were happy with our soybean yield considering this summer’s weather! Hope the corn crop surprises us too… Meanwhile, we’re in the midst of truck repairs on the farm right now. The feed truck needs work, and then the annual safety. The firewood delivery truck didn’t pass it’s safety, needs a bit of work, then died on a delivery the other day. So, my trusty old megacab and I had to go on another rescue mission to tow the old goat home (the truck, not Jeff). It has been suggested I consider downsizing to a small, fuel-efficient car….but I just can’t see it. I don’t like cars, and I need the truck to haul too much stuff (including Jeff!) to even think about that. However, I wouldn’t mind a newer model…..(Yes, dear, that is a hint!!) Next full edition of the news is slated for March 2018. Hope the rest of your harvest goes well, and we’ll see you at a meeting this winter! Have a great holiday season. Cathy

Murphy’s Laws of Farming:

  • Breakdowns typically happen on the first or last pass of the field
  • “Oops” moments ALWAYS happen near the road where the neighbours can see it all
  • There’s usually someone with a camera just looking for newsletter filler!

(Must have been a really heavy crop if the combine could only handle one row at a time! Apologies to the neighbor in question, you know I wouldn’t be able to resist. Glad you are back up and running again—at corn now!)