Get Involved!

Get involved!

Here are some projects happening across the region. Consider participating in one of these trials on your farm. Just contact the person in charge.

Project Contact
N Advanced Wheat Shane McClure cell- 274-3414 Peter Johnson cell – 318-2040
Sulphur on Corn & Soys (Lambton) Kirk VanWill cell – 899-3255
SCN (Soybean Cyst Nematode) Seed Treatments Eric Dietrich 871-4830
Spoon Feeding Corn N Jeff Cook 808-9505
Insecticides/Fungicides on Corn Kevin Robson 318-1484
SMART Firmer (Precison”On­The-Go” organic matter attachment) Paul Dietrich 227-4150 Steve Redmond 227-4528
PAN (Post-Anthesis Nitrogen on wheat, melted urea) Mathew Aerts 666-0811
Relay Intercropping Shane McClure 274-3414
Boron on Corn Gerard Cornelis 232-4395
Insecticide/Fungicide & DON Levels (Oxford) David Grieve 519-608-4286

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