November 2018 photos

Thanks to Elgin President, Adam Pfeffer for sending in these shots of the low pressure tires he has installed on his grain cart. In order to reduce his compaction risks, Adam has switched to these tires, running them at 17 PSI.

“Making Relay Cropping Pay” is an OSCIA Tier 2 Project with the Quinte and Heartland SCIA Regions to investigate and determine farming practices that allow Relay Cropping Wheat and Soybeans to have a consistent net economic return higher then either crop grown as a monocrop. Twin row wheat and 30” soybeans are the main focus for the project, compared to solid seeded wheat and standard soybean practices. Final results will be available in the winter months. Thanks to Shane McClure for theses photos from the Bornholm plot.  Above: the project on June 1, Below: July 31 wheat harvest