Soil Test Workshops

New session added for 2016!  Soil Test Workshop Feb 19


Thanks to everyone who participated and supported the “Soil Tests Made Simple” project with OMAF’s Peter Johnson. 

Focus of these workshops was: “Bring your soil tests and your questions! Learn how to read your soil test, and how to build, maintain or reduce the levels in your fields. What matters, what doesn’t! How to properly sample your fields, and fertilizer applications.”

For more information, please email your requests.

Thanks to A&L Labs, Stratford Agri-Analysis and SGS Labs for their support in 2011 and again in 2012!!!


  1. Received Via Email:
    “Good meeting, good number of people, 3 hours good length. Like most meetings, there is as much to be learned from others there before, during and after.” – RF

    “Peter did a great job, way more info than time, could have been all day session. Good use of Al. Certainly left the meeting with more knowledge and concepts to explore in terms of fert requirements. Not all my questions were answered, but at least I know what questions to ask now” – SB

  2. As is the Johnson style it was a great learning and entertainment session.It could have been longer and some one on one time would be good for another day.S.M.

  3. Via email..
    “I thought it was very good made me remember a lot of stuff I had forgotten, Nice size group , knowledgeable guys helping Peter” – RW

    “Workshop content was excellent. I think it would be helpful if there was a handout with nutrient withdrawal of different crops on a per bushell basis and also a suggestion of what levels to build soil tests to. I don’t think this info is in publication 811. I think the workshop could have been a day long as we did not get into detail such as tissue sampling. Maybe more info would just confuse the situation.” – GG

  4. Enjoyed the clinic.Good Review of things I knew but had forgotten plus found out somr things I did not OMAF’s rec’s are strictly removal. good work

  5. Via Email: I really enjoyed the session. – But there was a lot of questions to be answered and maybe not enough time to explain some of the more in-depth questions. However, I would recommend these sessions in the future. – SH

  6. Via email – GHSCIA “Peter’s talk was great. It was good to get OMAFRA’s perspective (on the) quite different philosophies (of) what’s important in a soil analysis. As well Peter challenges you and makes you think. As a CCA I found the seminar educational and a good refresher to the information I already know.” ~ Mark

  7. Since I am a fertilizer dealer and doing business in the area of the meeting location it was important for me to be at the meeting to hear the message that Peter was presenting. There are different approaches in the province to analysis interpretation and recommendation and I was pleased that Peter’s approach was very close to the way that we do it. Thanks for the opportunity to participate and I am looking forward to your next workshop. ~ NM

  8. VIA email from the GHSCIA: “I strongly believe that the fact that you had 35 farmers show up to a soil fertility workshop during a severe snow storm demonstrates the need for workshops of this nature. I am happy that Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) had the opportunity to partner on the event…I strongly believe that soil sampling and nutrient management is one of those agricultural Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) that has multiple benefits. There are benefits to the farmer from an agronomic/business perspective and there are benefits to the environment in terms of reduced loss of nutrients to watercourses and that atmosphere. These are the BMPs that I feel CVC needs to focus on, as they are the low hanging fruit. We want to encourage a successful, productive agricultural community. Agricultural lands provide many environmental benefits to the natural environment. ~ Mark Eastman, Credit Valley Conservation


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